Properties feature / Dataview query HELP please

I would like to find out how to use the new properties feature in combination with dataview.

I have created a couple of custom tags:

“1” is a text field
“2” is a list field

Both fields contain info: “1” only has one entry, “2” contains multiple entries. For the sake of this example, I will call them: true and false

What I would like to do:
Query my vault for

  • files that contain “project” in its tags
  • and also contain the true content within the list field “2”

How would I go about doing that?

I have great difficulty wrapping my head around dataview queries and suffer from added confusion because I am not sure what the additional fields I created are.

Are they actual tags? I assume not because the contents do not pop up in my tags list. But there we go: me and my Dataview noobness …

I will appreciate any help with a gracious bow and utmost gratitude…

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Hi. Properties are just fields in the frontmatter, simply query them by their name. A comment on your usage is that you’re using the wrong type of property; if you want a true/false kind of field, your type should be checkbox --see screenshot below.

E.g.: I have a set of files in a folder named Folder, with a boolean (checkbox) property named “published”:

This query filters the most recently written unpublished (published=false) drafts in Folder:

TABLE WITHOUT ID as "", file.ctime as "Draft started on"
FROM "Folder"
WHERE published = false 
SORT file.cday DESC

In your case, I am not sure that numbers are valid property names for dataview, as my query stops working if I rename my published to 2. If, instead, you were using tested as a name, then your query would be something like:

FROM #project
WHERE tested = true

How does the property work in queries if they have spaces in them?