Properties changes are lost when switching from source mode to live preview

We are aware of a bug where changes to properties/YAML are lost when switching from source mode to live preview/reader.

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A fix will be released shortly in 1.4.12

Just for clarification, the properties are retained in the markdown file, they are just not reflected in the Live Preview mode.

So for users seeing this, it’s not that your data is gone. It’s updated correctly at the data layer, there’s just a bug with the presentational layer with Live Preview.


It might not be gone immediately, but it becomes very easy for them to be overwritten, and I’ve had that happen at least once already.

Restarting Obsidian does load them properly.

And as I reported on Discord, Obsidian’s property editor will auto-complete fields that are in the shadow realm - both keys and values. Thus, some part of Obsidian is aware of them, but others have lost the state.

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