Properties: allow "date" types to be lists

Use case or problem

Sometimes a note may have more than one date associated with it. For instance, if I have a note for a movie with a date property “watched-on” and it’s a movie I’ve watched more than once, it would be nice to be able to list more than one date in the “watched-on” property.

Proposed solution

Allow date property types to contain lists of dates rather than being limited to containing a single date value.


If I might add to this feature request:
Would it be better to have the “Date” property as is, and instead add a “Date” and “Date list” property?

I’d also add that having the “Date & time” as is and adding a “Date & time list” would solve the same problem and use case.

The case for options
With added properties, you can make a choice just like Text vs List. This way, you could keep the rigidity of “only one date is valid” and “I expect/need several dates here.”

Expanding on the need for a date list type
Having a single date or time stored in a property is fine if you’re only interested in the beginning and end of a note’s history (note created and last edited), but it leaves out the changes along the way.

Being able to record when you’ve made changes you feel are important enough would be very useful as some notes change drastically over time, and the linking notes may end up referencing things that have long since been removed or reworked, but that could give you hints to when the rework was made.

Current workaround and limitations
Making a “note worked on date” property using a “list" property type and manually entering the date in a date format is a workaround, but a crude and slow one that’s also prone to errors.

The list workaround has no validation of the date, and you also need to manually enter the correct date format you’re following.

This workaround data is also stored internally in a different format than the date/date&time properties, and it will be static when you switch between devices. This wil thus display direfently than “date” and “date & time” which are currently displayed differently depending on OS language settings (example: YYYY-MM-DD vs MM-DD-YYYY, or 24 hour clock vs 12 hour clock).

Adding a list option for “Date” and “Date & time” would facilitate adding a “history” to a note while also making sure information is stored and displayed in the same way as the date property. This added fearture would also remove the need for a workaround and thus remove several error sources.

Yes, it would be so helpful if Obsidian possesses this feature.