Properties - Add Property Editor features to Canvas cards (internal cards not notes)

What I’m trying to do

The new Property Editor is fantastic. Thank you for building that! It makes managing metadata in Obsidian SO much easier.

But I’ve started using Canvases more lately, and I was dismayed to discover that the Property Editor doesn’t work in canvas cards, at least not internal cards. Interestingly, if you create a card outside of a canvas (a note) and embed it, the property editor works perfectly in the sidebar:

(above: in the right sidebar, you can see the metadata for the note I have selected in the canvas. If I select a different note, the sidebar updates accordingly)

But embedded cards, even though they support metadata in the form of YAML, straight up disable the property editor:

This doesn’t seem broken, which is why I’m filing a FR instead of a bug, although the inconsistency is odd. It sure would be nice to use the property editor for all cards, and not just embedded cards.

Things I have tried

I tried creating a new card in a canvas with properties. I can add YAML, and the YAML behaves as expected, but the property editor remains disabled despite working for embedded cards.



This seems like a natural fit for Canavas!