Proper function of Callout CSS within Live preview (Mostly CSS tabs and FireisGood)

Hello! Before starting note the I am a LIVE PREVIEW user, I enjoy and want to use the custom CSS that enables tabs to Function within Callouts. I have a general understanding that a lot of functions within Obsidian will only function in Reading mode, please let me know if this is one of those functions.

What I’m trying to do

  • functioning as if there are tabs like within Google chrome and any internet browser

please check the GIF below:

Things I have tried

Adjusting spacing, changing original code, etc.

additional information is listed below:

  1. After installing and enabling CSS, it works within Reading mode! Additionally it does work to some extent I just want it to run Smooothly like in reading mode. It goes into the callout “code” before loading the next tab.
  • note that the top is "FireIsGood"s CSS and the bottom is from Mostly CSS - tabs.
  1. this is after trying to click the new created tabs
  • but then loads the clicked tab.