Projects plugin for iOS?

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I installed the Projects plugin on my iPad and iPhone. But when trying to enable it, I was informed that this plugin was not supported on these platforms. Everything went well on MacOS. Dataview is installed and enabled. What may I have missed?

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That means the developer hasn’t enabled mobile support/has restricted it to desktop (and that’s disappointing — I’d been interested in that plugin).

You can go into the plugin’s manifest.json file and change "isDesktopOnly": true to "isDesktopOnly": false. It may work fine or they may be problems. You may want to check the documentation and GitHub issues first to see if there’s an explicit reason it’s restricted.

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Have you tried enabling it on mobile? Please post if you know whether it works or not on mobile.

If it doesn’t work on mobile, I wonder if there is any way of stopping obsidian from trying to load it on mobile?