Project Dashboard via nonJS Dataview QL

My current project dashboard using the Dataview plugin. This is using only the dataview query language, not dataviewjs, so might be useful for folks that want some working example code for “moderately” complex project summary tables.

Inset shows the project metadata that turns a note into a project. Takes just a couple keystrokes to automatically add this YAML header to any file (via template plugin naturally) to turn it from a loose collection of notes into a functioning project that automatically shows up on the dashboard. Natural. Easy. Low maintenance.

Plain text FTW.

Code for this view: Active Projects - Obsidian Dataview Sample - Ethan Schoonover · GitHub


Thanks for sharing – looks really interesting, so I am having a got at it. I have run into problems tho. Presumably we need some kind of folder structure/hierarchy. I currently have a ‘Project’ folder with the dashboard doc in it. Then in that folder I have a ‘DOM’ folder, with the ‘Sell Stored Items’ doc in that (with the frontmatter as depicted.
However, I am getting the following error message from the DV:

Dataview: Every row during final data extraction failed with an error; first 3:
- No implementation found for 'number - date'

Any ideas where I am going wrong?

EDIT: nevermind - I found it… basic typo in the date: yaml field! Doh!!

I’m off to play :slight_smile: