Progressive Filtering in Tag Pane when choosing a tag

I simply don’t understand how it’s possible that such powerful feature like tags to be left with incomplete search functionality in Obsidian.
Being able to filter the tags list displayed in the search pane when using tag: it’s essential; otherwise, I can’t understand why even it’s displayed the list …
The main issue with obsidian is that has unfinished core features… like tags … there are some plugins and I trying to learn JS to do such one to fully address this issue …

There is also the option to search with line: but in this case you are just trying to guess if there might be some tags like … This is nice … but it’s not the same with filtering your huge list and quickly searching the notes where tags have been used …

But, do you think that is there any chance that this functionality to be finished by the obsidian team?

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The feature request is still open, so yes, there’s a chance.

I really like the way Zotero works too, love to be able to drill down in tags or pages.

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Scrintal seems to have this feature. as shown in a video from Bryan Jenks.

Bumping up this feature request. Come on, we need this!

Looks like the plugin “Tags Overview” has the requested functionality.

Have tested it. Not quite what is desired. While it allows a kind of ‘progressive filtering’. The mixed output format is not the best option. Would have preferred to have output in the Search panel.

Totally agree that this would be epic. The implantation of search in is pretty much exactly what i’d want, where you can filter by tags and has auto-complete and also progressive filtering.

I actually made a web app that has a combined search like this, writing the shared search bar and filtering / autocomplete function took me a few days but it works. If i can do it, i’m sure these pros can!

But not gunna complain too much, cuz no way i’m going to write a plugin myself. So until then, tags overview plugin will do the trick well enough