Ctrl click sequence of tags in note to build search

Use case or problem

Sometimes navigating the Tag pane to build searches using the convenient Ctrl click technique becomes cumbersome.

Proposed solution

If you had the various tags of immediate interest open in a note or multiple notes and could Ctrl click them in sequence, building a search like in the Tag pane, life would be a little easier.

Current workaround (optional)

Nested tags could make this easier. Or potentially, if tag folders existed, this could be somewhat easier. See link below.

Related feature requests (optional)


I agree with this approach. That way a note would be specifically made for searching a specific topic. I would use this in the example of Leetcode Problems.

Leetcode Example

I can have a section for difficulty (easy, medium, hard), algorithmic paradigm, data structure, status (solved, unsolved), etc. Then by ctrl-clicking it would be quick to form a search and find my desired problem.

This would also solve my issue with nested tags. By having each of these leetcode tags nested under the tag leetcode, I have a lot of clutter on the screen given that a problem could have the tags: leetcode/binary-search leetcode/array leetcode/hash-table leetcode/solved leetcode/divide-and-conquer leetcode/sorting… Or even worse if I wanted to further categorise the tags (for example according to the categories listed in the above example).

Further Examples

Some further examples that also come to mind are: recipes, movies, places…

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