Programmatically create an Embedded Query block

Hi - I spent the whole day today trying to spawn an Embedded Query block programmatically - is there a way to do this?

I basically have a plugin and I’m looking for any way that I could spawn a


without any user input… Spent like 5 hours reading app.js and debugging I couldn’t find a way to access it… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, I’m still learning something similar so I can’t help you right now, but here’s the list of the existing plugins that you can learn from:

All of the above plugins uses monkey-around (written by the author of Tag Wrangler etc) to patch/tweak Obsidian’s internals. Basically it’s a usual prototype monkey-patching, but it’s pluggable & removable.

Plus, you can find some helpful information in the plugin-dev channel on Discord. (search for “link-hover” or “hover-link”, for example)

Thank you for your response, I actually found a solution to this problem that works for me. You can see what I was talking about here.

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Wow that’s cool! Gotta learn from your code.

Come find me on discord if you need some advice :slight_smile: