Programmable "open random note" with custom conditions

Similar to Note Aging, it could be useful to have programmable options to resurface notes.
For example:

  1. I have an inbox where I file blog posts I want to read. When using the plugin it would be great to get only random notes from my inbox folder.
  2. In my notes, I have a metadata section containing a [ ] checkbox to indicate if I have consumed the piece. It would be great if you can set a rule/preset to only show notes that have this checkbox unchecked.

There are a lot of useful cases that I can think of that would benefit from this plugin idea.


love it!

Also: sorting them by date might also be useful

or just open notes with special tag

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Yes, I also would find it great, to set a special tag, and only get a random note with this Tag.

I have a lot of Notes in my Obsidian, but only want this random note feature for special notes (marked with a special tag).

This can be done with the plugin “Smart Random Note” by Eric Hall. You can search for tags and then open a random note from the search results :slight_smile: