Process for consistency on knowledge management

it’s really bugging me. But I need to determine a USEFULprocess for using daily notes + zettel notes that I can repeat – i.e. if I have a meeting with someone. do you create a new zettel note and create backlinks to things like the date, persons name, and their company and key topics discussed are backlinked, and the rest is just freely written into the zettel note.

I know that you are meant to just go with the flow and use it how it feels best… etc, but I need a process.

What’s yours?
Does it work well?
Any tweaks/ comments?


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It’s a shame nobody replied, this is something I’m struggling with as well.

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Since you mentioned meetings @jezza this is something I’ve been doing with Obsidian that so far seems to work at least fairly okay.

Initially I was making meeting notes as subheadings in my daily note. Within the meeting note I would create a link to the note(s) for the key people or team that I was working with in that meeting. The meeting template had an area for action items (structured tasks) and notes, and in the notes section I would just capture the contents.

Then I moved to capturing meeting notes as separate notes, but alongside the daily notes in the same folder and in the same title format. So a daily note would have the title YY.MM.DD_dd and a meeting that occurred that day would be titled something like YY.MM.DD_dd Meeting How To Take Over the World and in it there would be a link to [[The Brain]]. (but not Pinky, he always screws everything up and is no longer invited to our meetings)

Having the meeting notes be separate feels much better than having them buried inside the daily notes. I can now link to them directly instead of linking to subheads. And the meeting titles are immediately visible in the file names while scrolling through the daily notes folder.

Hey all,
I’m currently investigating using a template with consistent inline fields:

uniqueid:: yyyymmddhhmm
date:: [[yyyymmdd]]
tag:: ‘#project/’

the rationale here is so that they are extractable via dataview.
We can see how it goes.

I don’t know if it is my poor understanding towards zettel or what, but I personally don’t think using zettel is efficient for me. I put all the notes I have in one daily notes, and making backlinks on them.

On the case of taking notes on meetings, I also put them into the daily notes, while have backlinks for names, topics discussed, etc. Then in the graph view of this person or this topic, I can see when or with whom did I spent time with.

Wish there was a way to sync a template across notes, including changes to the fields

well, if you’ve got yaml frontmatter that facilitates wholesale transforms of that metadata and you could create tooling to do those template changes retroactively?

Does the meta edit plugin achieve this function?

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from the description it doesn’t seem so? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Try something like, Find In Project, then you can replace all instances of field1::