Problems with switching mode


Use case or problem

Obsidian version : 0.14.15
when i switch mode everything is normal

Obsidian version : 0.15.6 and above
when i switch mode

Proposed solution

fix this bug in next version

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

This is related to the media-extended plugin that you linked?

You should add your voice to the github page! :writing_hand: I don’t think bug reports or feature requests are considered for community plugins.

i now use obsidian version 0.14.15 because this problem not related to plugin

Try open two different notes and linking them together and change mode
you will notice that one of the two notes took the place of the other

in obsidian version 0.14.15 this did not happen

Does this happen in the sandbox vault?

Yes, I tried to do this, but the same problem occurred

I am sorry but I struggle to understand the problem and how to reproduce it. Kindly post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault without third party plugins installed. If this happens only with media-extended plugin we will not consider it.

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Yes, this happens with the media extented plugin in sandbox vault, but the question is why this happens in the latest version and not in version 0.14.15 ?

Many things have changed in the API since 0.14.15. It’s likely that the plugin needs to be updated. If there is a problem with Obsidian itself, the plugin developer should contact us.

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yes i think you are right

try this: