Problems with numbered lists

I am having two problems with numbered lists. All screenshots are from a sandbox vault with no custom CSS, plugins, or themes.

Are these bugs, or is this just how it’s supposed to work?

Problem 1

When the number of digits is greater than 1, a misalignment occurs in Live Preview, whereby the text following the digit does not align with the previous block of text. This problem is true of every increase in the number of digits. In the example provided, the first list item is a single digit and the following has two digits, but the problem exists where the first line has two digits and the following has three. Alignment is correct in reading mode regardless.

Live Preview

Reading mode

Problem 2

When entering a number that does not follow the preceding, reading mode automatically converts it to the correct order despite what is displayed in Live Preview.

Live Preview

Reading mode

The first seems like an editor (Source mode and Live Preview) quirk or just how it looks. There may be a Bug Report or, more likely, a Feature Request about it. (I see the same.)

The second is happening in the Markdown → HTML conversion.

Thanks! I wasn’t able to find one but I’ll keep looking :slight_smile:

Problem 2 is not a bug but rather a feature of markdown.

Good to know. Thank you!

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