Problems with Note Refactor

I am new to Obsidian. I am eager for its possibilities. I am trying to get Note Refactor to work but am having some difficulty. I am sure this is a novice question, but I would appreciate any help along this way.

When I select my text and hit the designated hot key, it does not produce a new note and it only transcludes a portion of the original quote in the source .md file. See screenshot below.


Attempt at Note Refactor

Attempted Note Refactor in Preview Mode

Note how no new note is produced and the selected text appears on as a portion of the original quote.

Something seems off. Any ideas?

I appreciate the help.

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Did you enable the Note Refactor plugin in Settings under Community plugins after you installed it?

Do the Note Refactor commands appear in the Command Palette (Ctrl/Cmd+P)?

Have you checked the plugin settings? I think it lets you choose.

Thanks for the response. Yes. I did enable Note Refactor in Community Plugins after I installed it. I have Cmd+Shift+N (First Line) and Cmd+Shift+C (Content Only) set for the extraction commands/hot keys.

Oddly, when I select a shorter selection (3-4 lines) it refactors and I can see the quote in the transclusion. However, per the example above, when I select a larger paragraph, the transclusion only shows around 2.5 lines in the original note in “Edit Mode” and the whole original selection is not visible in “Preview Mode.” When I try to refactor a note (First Line option) with a larger paragraph like the one above, no new note is created.

I appreciate your help in figuring this out.

There hasn’t been any activity for 5 days, could you please see if you’d like to pick any of the existing answers as the solution, or do you still need help with something?

Would appreciate it if you could clarify on that, thanks!

If this is about troubleshooting community plugins or themes, it might be a good idea to ask in #plugins and #css-themes on our Discord.