Problems with LaTeX equations in view mode

I was writing some notes in Obsidian and I have a problem.
I don’t understand why when editing the code I see it well, and it doesn’t seem to have any errors, while when I go back to view mode I can’t see the text well.
I have uploaded some pictures to be clearer.

What could be the problem?
In all this, this strange visualization happens to me only and exclusively for a particular paragraph while I visualize all the other equations well, is it a bug?

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I would check and see if you haven’t got a mismatch in $$. That is I think you got one to many, or are missing one somewhere.

Or whether you are missing a line break after one of them. It seems like you’ve switched the markup around somewhere close to the end of the first equation.

thank you very much, I fixed it, it basically doesn’t recognize when I wrap the double dollar $$

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