Problems with dataview TABLE query not showing all outputs

What I’m trying to do

Hello folks,

I’m creating a pretty simple dataview TABLE query to track how well my studies are going. I separate different notes (individual notes for each topic I study) by the study subject (property assigned as “Manual”) and assign a grade to each topic (property “Intento 1”). I recently noticed that sometimes the dataview TABLE query does not load all study subjects (“Manual”) and this fixes itself apparently at random when I close and open Obsidian. I created a dataview LIST query and that has no problem outputing all subjects (Manual).

Things I have tried

I did a quick search on this forum and did not find any similar cases with solutions. To be fair, this is my first time using this forum so my research might be pretty limited and this has a common solution, if that is the case I apologize.

Thank you for spending some time helping me.

First image: dataview TABLE query where “Endocrinología” is missing.

Second image: dataview LIST query with “Endocrinología”.

In the table query you do average() over the Intento 1 value, which might be the cause of it not displaying a given file if that field doesn’t hold a value to do an average on.

Another cause could be that Dataview is having some issue with the the caching, which often can be solved by doing the command Dataview: Rebuild current view (or re-opening that particular note).

But I would firstly test by removing that SORT line and seeing if it then shows all files as expected.