Problems with block reference at the end of a bullet list

I have no problem with making own BlockID´s and reference them. But when I try to reference an ID at the end of a bullet list, it seems to reference all the above text as the block, but if I reference to them heading at the top of the list - no problem.

Why and how do I correct that?

I am by no mens a tech geek, so please keep it low profile

Thx Søren

Can you give an example?

I thougth I did, but I am not native english speaking - i´ll try. Below I only want to tag the list, but when I do this I will get the list and the text above.


  1. List item

  2. List item


- list item
- list item ^itemBlockID

Note the difference in placement of the two block IDs above. One placed immediately following a list will reference the whole list. An ID at the end of the item itself will reference just the item.

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It does not do either. I will be seeing it all, from the BlockID to the top of the note. I have tried giving just the first phrase an ID and link to that, and at the end of the hole list and link to that and last making a BlockID on a new line and link to that - it all gives the same “Picture” form th Block ID to the top of the note -Something is wrong or I am doing it incorrectly.

Ensure the list is separated by new lines:

some text

- list item
- list item ^itemBlockID

some text