Problems with block reference at the end of a bullet list

I have no problem with making own BlockID´s and reference them. But when I try to reference an ID at the end of a bullet list, it seems to reference all the above text as the block, but if I reference to them heading at the top of the list - no problem.

Why and how do I correct that?

I am by no mens a tech geek, so please keep it low profile

Thx Søren

Can you give an example?

I thougth I did, but I am not native english speaking - i´ll try. Below I only want to tag the list, but when I do this I will get the list and the text above.


  1. List item

  2. List item


- list item
- list item ^itemBlockID

Note the difference in placement of the two block IDs above. One placed immediately following a list will reference the whole list. An ID at the end of the item itself will reference just the item.

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It does not do either. I will be seeing it all, from the BlockID to the top of the note. I have tried giving just the first phrase an ID and link to that, and at the end of the hole list and link to that and last making a BlockID on a new line and link to that - it all gives the same “Picture” form th Block ID to the top of the note -Something is wrong or I am doing it incorrectly.

Ensure the list is separated by new lines:

some text

- list item
- list item ^itemBlockID

some text 

Not sure if I caught a bug or if I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t get this to work.

This is the fruit list I’m working with in editor:

Pasted image 20210107175240

Now I go to my “ReferToBlocks” page and try to embed the blocks I’ve created.

As you can see, there is an “idOranges” in the list of available items but there is no “idFruit”.

Pasted image 20210107174918

Furthermore, when I select “idOranges” it displays the entire list, not just that one item.

(Editor on the left, Preview on the right)

Pasted image 20210107175113

Ok, I got it to work, but I had to remove the single line block “idOranges” (that’s just the way I tested it - it’s possible it might work with leaving it there) and I had to manually type


So the issue is that the block doesn’t appear in the list as a selectable item when you type


but if you manually type it in, you will get the results.

Seems like a bug to me.

+1 - hitting this bug as well

I want to reference the third item in the list in this file called “Motivation”. Here’s what I have

  • Motivation 1
  • Motivation 2
  • Motivation 3 ^66b0c6

And in another file I reference it like this


But what I get is

  • Motivation 1
  • Motivation 2
  • Motivation 3

instead of just

  • Motivation 3

Raul, I get that issue as well sometimes. I think the block reference requires another line of text under it to work (or perhaps even a blank line. I could be wrong, but worth trying.

Just tried the below but got the same result

  • Motivation 1
  • Motivation 2
  • Motivation 3 ^66b0c6
  • Motivation 4

Ok. I spent the better half of a day on the weekend trying to get it work consistently and I finally got it, but not in a list. I have 4 lines each separated by an empty line, with each line having a block reference (and an additional line under the last item) and that finally worked. I think it’s kind of buggy.

Not sure about @Raul’s issue as the demo text provided works for me (see above). But @Lise, the blocks do not like capital letters. See above! Specifying which block you’re referencing (e.g., when embedding) is case-insensitive, but the block ID itself should be lowercase.

A little related, but reference to list item with blockquote doesn’t work as well.

The list:
- Apple
- Orange ^thisrefwork
- > "They are actually the same fruit" - Me (2021) ^myquote

![[#^thisrefwork]] => get displayed "orange"
![[#^myquote]] => get displayed "Unable to find section #^myquote in ..."