Problems installing Calendar plugin

Hi All,

I’m attempting to install Liam Cain’s Calendar plugin by downloading the source code from GitHub and copying the entire file into my plugins folder.

However, I keep getting a ‘Failed to load plugin calendar’ upon launching Obsidian or attempting to enable the plugin.

Can someone help me in understanding the problem? In the case of this plugin, are there more steps required to install manually?


OK - I’ve noticed that when I install the plugin from the Community Plugins section, it installs only a data.json, manifest.json and main.js in the Calendar plugin folder in .obsidian.

My only remaining question is that: there is no main.js in the GitHub repo, instead a main.ts within the ‘src’ folder.

To install manually, do we simply change the file extension from .ts to .js on ‘main’?


.TS is a Typescript file. Plugins are written in Typescript and then transpiled to JavaScript. Here are your options:

  1. Install from community plugins, it’s the easiest and more straightforward option.

  2. Download the main.js, manifest.json, and styles.css from the release section on github: Releases · liamcain/obsidian-calendar-plugin · GitHub

  3. Clone the repo, install node_modules and then build the main.js using yarn. I’d just use the release unless you know how to do this.

Hope this helps!

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