Problems in dealing with images for my usecase

What I’m trying to do

I’m migrating from Evernote to Obsidian, and i’m trying to recreate an environment in which i can put different images side by side with the same height, to take up as little space as possible

After a long search, i found this css snippet "How to achieve" CSS code snippets - #93 by Lithou
But what i get is that the biggest images on the raw takes up more space, leaving useless blank space under the other ones

Things I have tried

  • I tried many other plugins and snippets to handle images, but this one is by far the one that best suits my usecase
  • The most obvious thing to do is to modify the code of the snippet, which seems very easy to handle. I changed this part of the code
    and from here i can easily fix the width of the image like this
    obtaining this
    but if i try to change the height like this
    what i get is the full scale images one above the other divided by 100px

Instead of +side I think +grid is what you should try

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Yes you’re right, thank you!
Damn i really spent a lot of time trying to figure out this, i don’t know how missed it ahaha… i guess because it was the only function that was not mentioned in the documentation

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