Problem with the indent size in editing view

What I’m trying to do

I try to decrease the width of an indent you can see at the picture. It is so wide only in edit mode while perfectly normal in reading mode.

Things I have tried

I tried many settings with no result. No idea how to change.

If I understand you right, Settings > Editor Readable line length.

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Thank you so much!

Oh, you know what, maybe you should check your theme and any CSS snippets, too (both in Settings Appearance). I didn’t understand your picture before because the main text was so far to the side that I thought it was a sidebar and the main area was empty. :sweat_smile: That’s definitely not normal. If the problem isn’t your theme or a snippet, maybe it’s a plugin.

When you change themes or turn a snippet on or off it should take effect immediately but (especially with themes) it may be best to restart Obsidian to be sure.

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OK, click the check mark at the bottom of the post that solved the problem to mark it as solved (or if you used a different solution post that and mark it), then start a new thread for the second problem.

OK. Sorry. I will. Thank you!

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