Problem With template folder not working

Hi, I am having a problem with Templates, to be precise I am unable to create nor insert a Template, I also Cannot find in the option where you can define the Template File location.
I think my original file was deleted resulting in it not finding it.

Does anyone know how I could fix this issue to be able to create, save and use template again.

Make sure the core template plugin is toggled on, and if it is, click the gear icon next to the toggle. That will take you to the plugin settings and allow you to name your template folder location.

It is toggle on, but i don’t have a gear icon nor anything next to any of the plugins to change or modify them.

(I am Using the windows Version)

In the setting screen, there should be a Plugin Setting all the way down on the left called “Templates”. This has the template location.

Its not you, the settings and plugins screens are illogical. Mac people.

Thank you very much!
You are right it’s not logical since Plugins already have their location in the menu we should be able to to change them related to them in the same location. I didn’t even look at Plugin Option since the top 3 were all Community plugins.

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