Problem with sync with one note only

i use Obsidian sync with three devices and had no problems until now. I have a quite lengthy note which failed to be synced on my onyx book (seems to be disconnected from snyc). Sync workes perfectly with the other two devices in respect to this note and all the other notes. Sync status is running on the Onyx Boox, syncronization works on the Onyx Boox with other notes, sync activity seems fine (no errors). Is there a maximum length for a note? Why does snyc fail only on one device with one specific note, I dont understand whats happening.

I copied the latest Version of the note from my working device (Laptop), created a new note and pasted the text into this note. The new note appears on the Onyx Boox but is cut on the same position as before so that the last part of the text is missing. Sync workes on two devices but not on the Onyx Boox for long notes? Quite strange, why should the lenghth of a note be limited on one specific device.

Oh, this was a stupid error I made. I am sorry. The text was hidden in a kind of drop down menu.

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