Problem with numbered lists

The auto increment functionality in numbered lists or bullet lists stops working when I copy paste code. After pasting the code I press enter expecting to generate a new item in the list and Obsidian took me to the next line but without making a new numbered item and then I can not generate them automatically any more in that list

For a simple list the auto incremental works fine, each “enter” generates a new numbered item
I copy and paste code to an element of the list:

Then I press enter expecting to generate item number 2. automatically but instead of that action, Obsidian only moves me to the next line without generating a new list item and then I cannot generate numbered items automatically again

I tried to put my code inside code quotes but that not only dont fixes the problem, it also adds other formatting problemas (I hope there is some workaround for this problem too)

I also tried to install some community plugins that might help like “Paste Mode” without success

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any configuration or plugin that can help?

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