Problem with moving note saved using iOS shortcut

Hi all! I am experiencing an issue when trying to move a note that has been created using the iOS shortcuts app, and hoped that someone may know of the solution.

Currently, I have the following workflow set up to quickly take a note from my iPhone:

The shortcut allows me to save a new note directly to my Obsidian vault, using Dropbox (where my vault is stored).

However, I am then unable to move the note from my ‘Inbox’ folder to, for example, my ‘Seedling Notes’ folder, using either drag-and-drop (as below) or right-clicking on the note and choosing ‘move note’.

Any help that the community could offer would be greatly appreciated!

I think the problem is that colon in the file name. If you create a new note in Obsidian and try to use some special characters in its title, it’ll throw an error:

Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 12.43.47

But since you created that file outside of Obsidian, it had no say in the name chosen for the note’s file, and simply refuses to handle it.

So, try removing or replacing the colon in that shortcut, and it should work.


That was it! Many thanks for finding the solution.

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