Problem with links when there are multiple files with same name

Hey everybody!

I’m a total newbie, and English is not my first language – so please be a bit patient with me.

I have a problem. I have an Obsidian vault in which there are a couple of notes which have the same name, though they are placed in different folders.

When I try to link to one of these notes, I use the format [[folder/folder/note|Name I want to see]], as you can see in this image:

However, when I leave the “editing mode”, I get this result:

Now, as you probably understand, I don’t want it to look like that. I’d like to see only what I write after the “|” in the brackets. What am I doing wrong?

I’d really appreciate any help. (Also, please forgive me if this text is incomprehensible.)

You’re not doing anything wrong. It is just that the pipe character used within the link to denote the following display text gets interpreted as being a pipe character used to define the end of that cell in the table.

If you add a \ before the pipe character, it will work correctly. As an example, see some of the links in the table here: Regular Expressions in Obsidian (copied from mdn web docs).

Good luck!


Thank you so much! This worked splendidly :slight_smile:

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