Problem with linking to existing notes

Hi - I’m a little desperate and need help.

Sometimes - not at all times, but recently very often! - if I try to link via [] to an existing note, it will not work. This is what happens:

  • I type “[[”- the Dropdown pops up
  • I select the existing note (! it is shown correctly in a subfolder called “02 Zettelkasten”)
  • I add the link

In my document the Link appears correctly, but “faded out”, as in: This links to an non-existent document. If i click on it, it will NOT link to the existing note, instead it creates a New Note with the same name in the “Inbox” folder of my vault.


  • I tried to remove the space in the foldername (changed it to “02Zettelkasten”) the problem persists.
  • It also does not work if I draw the note manually from the sidebar in the document to link it. Same problem as mentioned

Any Ideas what the problem / solution could be?

PS: I use Obsidian Sync on a local folder, so that should not be an issue (?).

Create a backup of your note before you do anything else.

Getting the obvious out of the way first: Does the note indeed exist? Try opening the directory with Explorer (or whatever you use) and look whether it’s there. Does it have the expected file extension? Does it have a size > 0?

You don’t need to wait for the popup. Type the square brackets and the name of the note, then close the brackets. Does it work?

Open the file in a plain editor. Check, whether the content is what you expect. Then copy the content. Create a new text file (extension .txt), paste the content into the text file and save it. Now rename it with the extension .md and move it into your vault. Can you link that? If not, there’s something in the note that prevents it from being opened or linked.

Since I don’t know the content of the note, it’s impossible to say whether something is wrong within that special note. You can try removing lines one by one until it works.

You can copy the note content with a text editor and paste it into a new note. Unless there’s something strange in the content, it should work.

Thanks! I tried all of these; it’s not just one note, it’s once and then a different note.

I got a suspicion though. Yesterday, as I named a note via Obsidian Mobile, my Smartphone added a " " (Space) at the end of the note name. Maybe It’s these notes that cause the error - I’ll check that out and keep an eye on it and try to trigger the error this way on purpose.

Would you keep me posted, please?

Sorry, I just came to it today.

So turns out: The “space” at the end of the title indeed seems to be the problem. I can replicate the error when I add a note on mobile and click on the suggested fill-in from autocorrect, which automatically ads a space after the word. This note behaves as stated above: I can find it, but it inserts a wrong link if i choose it. As soon as I manually delete the blank space at the end of the titel, it behaves correctly.

Unfortunately - and this probably is why I did non notice this earlier - Obsidian does not show the blank space at the end of the title. When you click on it, it looks perfectly normal and no space is shown. To remove it, I had to click after the last letter of the title and hit “delete”.

So this does it for me now: I have to be cautious with autocorrection and know now how to resolve the problem … thanks for thinking with me!

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