Problem with indentation

Hello guys, I’m trying to indent some text, it looks fine in edit mode:

But when using read mode nothing is indented

I tried with a new vault.
I don’t want to use Quotations, nor bullets, nothing with any visual impact.
Any sugestion?

Normal indentation is not supported by markdown syntax. You can, however, use inline html to do this:

  Your text will indent the text by two space characters for example.

What is the purpose of the indentation?

I want to send to my devs team some simple text in “microsoft teams”, so, normally I write it first in obsidian, witch is allways open :smile: , then I toggle it to “read mode” and then I select the text and paste it to “teams”.
In this case I don’t want anything, only that text, just like it is in the image:
I even removed the indentation guides after taking the snapshot

** Well, not that text exactly :slight_smile: it wast just to ilustrate my point

Well, then why don’t you just copy your text while still in source mode? That should include the tabbing, I think…

Thank you, I was about to write it in HTML, but then I thought about asking in the forum

That doesn’t explain what the indentation is for. What does the indentation communicate to the people you’re sending the text to? Why are you indenting it? Maybe there’s an appropriate way to mark it up. The way any markup is displayed can be changed with CSS snippets.

Can you just use bulletpoints? That will carry indentation to reading mode.

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As said by other, having indentation over 4 spaces will cause it to become a code block. You can optionally choose to actually make it a full complete code block by adding three backticks in front and after your text. This will preserve the formatting of your spaces, but it’ll render everything in a monospace font. Alternatively, like already suggested you could also use no break spaces, like  .

Outside of those options I think you do need to use bullet points to get indentation like that, or block quotes. Either option can be manipulated related to the visual impact within Obsidian, but then again when copying to other software the extra markup might carry over.

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Hey @CawlinTeffid, I only want to indent without any visual add, only the indentation, it’s a simple chat with a team member, so I want it super simple, in other circumstances I would use bullets or some list, but just for this use case I want a simple indentation.
It’s not a big deal if it can’t be done, it was some curiosity, thank you by the way!

Thank you @holroy, it’s not a big deal, I only want to be sure that it can’t be done in a straightforward way, just in case I missed something.

Hey @PR-C, thank you, yes I can do that, it was only curiosity.

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