Problem with attachement files

Hi everybody,

  • what I try to do : i would like to import in the note an image, to obtain a preview in the note and that the attachment file will go to the attachement folder I mentionned in the parameters. It seems easy, not an advanced feature. I used to manage to do that before, but on my fresh install it doesn’t work properly.
  • What happen now : when I drag and drop the image for exemple, it doesn’t place it in the attachement folder as I specified in the parameters. A link to the file on my computer appear in the note and that’s all, no preview and the link to the attachement file is not available if I am on an other computer because it is not in my vault.

Things I have tried

Drag and drop juste create a link,
I tried to insert the attachement file via the command palet but nothing happened.

I am on Ubuntu. I have the same vault with the same configuration of obsidian at work (same plugins) on windows 11 and it’s working normaly.

Thanks for help

I fix it

  • there is a bug with nautilus in ubuntu 22.04 so i install and use Dolphin and the drag an drop now create a good link
  • there is a problem on ubuntu with some accentuated caracters in the name of the folders, so I changed the folder I called “Pièce jointes” for “PJ” and the importation of the attachement files is now working perfectly.

Hope it helps.