Problem with Annotation display

I Have a problem when oppening pdfs with the Annotator plugin. Every time I click on the screen it opens the notes and highlights sidebar wich takes half the screen and doesnt let me adjust in size. Also, the highlights appear in black so one cant really read what one has highlightned. And the display is very weird and uncomfortable no like any of the screenshots or the tutorials I’ve seen. I’ll let screecaps of everything so you can see it and i hope,help me:

Yes, this is an issue that appeared due to some new security restrictions that were added to obsidian.

You can see the related GitHub issue here: Annotator not renderring properly · Issue #356 · elias-sundqvist/obsidian-annotator · GitHub

I’m working on a fix and will try to make it available this weekend.

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Oh, thanks man. I just started with this obsidian thing yerterday, what a grear comunity!

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