Problem of list-bullet

  • I don’t konw what’s wrong with my obsidian,the list bullet can never align perfectly.It always too upper or too lower,I even make a css for it.But,you know,it doesn’t work well.
    Theme:blue topaz

Could you share a screenshot?

If you use a community theme and custom css snippets on top of that, it’s hard to know what’s going on. Yeah, a screenshot could help.

How is it in the default theme with no css snippets?

Sorry for the inconvenience I caused…It’s a very tiring day…
Get back to the point,the screenshots:

  • BlueTopaz with css(source view)
  • BT with css(preview)
    (You can easily notice the offset point)
  • BT with no css (source view)
  • bt with no css(preview)
  • And my css:

Now I have to apply the nonstandard approach above…

I had a quick look using the default and then the Blue Topaz theme (no custom CSS). A few thoughts:

  • Live Preview and Reading modes will look slightly different no matter what, but using the default theme looks alright to me.
  • It looks like Blue Topaz has a list spacing of 1em while the default theme is 0.075em; You can easily see the difference switching between the default theme and Blue Topaz. I would check on the Blue Topaz GitHub page and see if there are any issues or what they have to say.
  • You are using a custom sub-bullet, °, in the list. This CSS might be altering the spacing.
  • The fonts sometimes also change the spacing. Maybe try a few different ones.
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