Problem installing on lenovo duet chromebook


I’ve downloaded the ARM 64 AppImage for linux and tried to run it on my lenovo duet chromebook and got the following message:

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Not being a unix guru (and the internet not having been a huge help) does anyone have any suggestions.


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same issue here, I will be interested in finding the solution to

To install Obsidian, I first had to install zlib:

sudo apt install zlib1g-dev

Hope this helps!

Well, it got me a step further only to run up against another missing library ‘’. I wonder if this is going to be a long running game of wack-a-mole :slight_smile:

Okay, took a guess and followed the same pattern using

sudo apt install libnss3-dev

and that appears to have done the trick.

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Thank you both, all working now, this will be my main Obsidian device now. Also want it on my raspberry pi.

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