Problem editing obsidian configuration on iPad

Things I have tried

  1. Located the “Obsidian” folder on my iCloud Drive.
  2. Created a Notes folder as my initial vault underneath Obsidian folder.
  3. Noted that Obsidian app automatically creates a “.obsidian” folder underneath the main “Obsidian” folder, where config items like themes are stored.

What I’m trying to do

I wonder if the obsidian config folder called .obsidian actually NEEDS to be a hidden folder. Because it is a “dotfile”, the iPad’s apology for a file manager cannot access them, so you can’t edit anything. In particular, I wanted to make the font for the Editor fixed-width. I cant seem do that. I am able to make the editor font fixed-width on my mac, and I thought that would apply also to my iPad, since it uses the same iCloud Drive, but sadly it does not. If the “.obsidian” file was just “obsidian” (i.e. not hidden), then maybe I could fix this.



The only way I know of to edit contents in .dot files is via Git and using the app Working Copy. With it you can see .dotfiles and .dotfolders. You can also set Working Copy to “sync folder” to a folder of your choice. Sadly, as you say, there is no way to actually view or select a .dotfolder in the “Files” app, so you would have to “Sync Folder” with a higher level folder.

All of this might be overkill, but just saying I was also looking for ways to edit .dotfiles (on a completely unrelated matter to Obsidian) and concluded Working Copy seems to be the only app in the iOS/iPadOS universe who have cracked the code of syncing the contents of two folders much like a symbolic link.

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