Problem about Chinese characters and space used in Obsidian URI with iOS shortcuts


I’m trying to automate the notes creation by iOS shortcuts. By using Obsidian URI, I can create new notes successfully.

However, the %20 is not decoded to space character in the note if there are Chinese characters in the content parameter in the URI.

For example, the Obsidian URI is as below:


The note can be created, but the content is “你%20好”, not the correct one “你 好”.

I have searched for the similar topics in the forum, but with no luck.

By the way, if I replace the characters with the English, it just works.



I also tried it on Mac OS, the same shortcut works with Chinese characters. Just not work on iOS, the iOS version is 17.0.3.


Finally, it works by using Edge for opening the URI, instead of the build-in Safari.

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