Problem about checklist plugin loading on android phone

Things I have tried

It’s very excited when I could download Obsidian from Google play Store.
All things are OK , except one problem I’ve ever encountered which is plugins.

I especially like using checklist plugin for arranging tasks. But it works on windows 10 PC whereas not works on my phone.

Method 1: download it directly

I tried to download this plugin from my phone in the third part plugins, however, it showed Failed to load community plugins , even though I live in China and I bought VPN for using Obsidian. It didn’t work, indeed!

Method2: Sycn files

Because I knew plugins folders were located in Vault.obsidianplugins
So I sync checklist plugin folder to the corresponding folder. It shows checklist folder existing. And obsidian plugins list on my phone was also existing the checklist button but it wasn’t turned on.

What I’m trying to do

Now I don’t know how to do even I have VPN.

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