Probably the best way to manage the folders of your attachments in Obsidian

Hi there fellow Obsidian enthusiasts,

I hope you’ve started off a successful year. Obsidian is a great help to achieving our goals. I just wanted to share with you my workflow of creating and managing my attachments folder. I think it’s really interesting. I wrote an article on Medium which I will share with you the link down below:

I hope you will get insights from this.


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The title makes it clear that the article is for people who already use Obsidian, so you don’t need to introduce it in the article. You could just link the first use of the word “Obsidian” to Obsidian’s website.

Also, the title claims this is the best way but the article doesn’t say why you think it’s good.

The method you describe is interesting.

When you introduce the second method, you might want to explicitly say that you’re creating the folders inside your main attachments folder.

For my projects, I store attachments in a subfolder of the project folder. If I stored them in a subfolder of my main attachments folder, I would include the project name in the name the subfolder so I could easily see what it belongs to.

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Hi, thanks so much for your comment. I revised my article while taking your comment into consideration. It means a lot.

As for why I don’t use the “Folder with the same name as note” method is that if I do that, I will not be able to have all my folders inside one level of attachment folder. I wanted a flat structure of folders where I could see everything.

In my article, I outlined the merits of my method of managing attachment folders:

  1. I don’t have to worry about naming the folders (as the naming will be automatic)
  2. The folders are ordered from oldest to newest, so it’s easy to find the folder that I’m looking for.
  3. The folders are all under the “Media” folder and I don’t have to think about a hierarchy of folders for each case. The hierarchy and links are handled by the notes inside my Obsidian. The folders only job is to handle the grouping of relevant files to the project.