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When I write daily notes and sometimes even in my weekly reviews I make notes on the more challenging aspects of my life. Sometimes this includes writing down things that were frustrating with my wife or daughters. (My family is wonderful, but even the best people frustrate each other.) I find writing these things down is very cathartic and sometimes allows me to express my feelings better later. I would like these thoughts to remain private.

Is there an elegant want, short of setting up an encrypted file system of handling this?

My concern is that one day when my vault is 20K notes large I will be showing someone my notes on a book like Scary Close - Donald Miller and backlinks (or unlinked mentions) will give away my thoughts even though I didn’t share that folder.

How would you elegantly avoid this?


Did you already take a look at GitHub - meld-cp/obsidian-encrypt: Hide secrets in your vault? Allows you encrypt notes (or part of your notes)

This seems like decent reason for a separate vault. A cathartic journal separate from your working notes. In the course of venting/reviewing, if you write down something useful you want to remember, you can simply copy it over to your working vault. Otherwise just let it be a completely separate and private area, disconnected from anything else.

(Actually I still journal/vent/freewrite in a Scrivener journal I’ve kept since 2014. My Obsidian vault is much more practical. If I switch fully, I’d still keep two vaults.)

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