Prism Theme - Have to refresh style settings plugin every launch

I’m currently using the theme Prism (which is great), which requires the Style Settings plugin to be installed for it to work.

An issue I’m constantly having though is that I need to turn off and turn on Style Settings every single time I launch Obsidian to make half of Prism’s settings work - such as heading colours and font size.

Does anyone know a possible solution to this? I have tried reinstalling both Prism and Style Settings.

There are a few posts in the Prism thread that sound similar. I’d have a look at Damikiller’s responses to see if anything helps.

Sorry for such a late response, got caught up with life! Thanks for the suggestions though.

Sadly none of these have worked for me. It have a hunch that it is something on Style Setting’s end, as any changes I do to the appearance.json file doesn’t actually do anything.

I’m struggling to find any other post on this forum page of people having this issue, and it happens across all my devices too so it must be something with the files within my Obsidian storage. Any other ideas possibly?

Not the biggest deal if I can’t fix it, as it takes about 5 seconds to flick Style Settings off and on on startup, but I’d still like to try and fix it :slight_smile:. Thanks!

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