Prioritize Bookmarks in Quick Switcher

Use case or problem

When using the Quick Switcher I am searching for starred files more often than others, but tend to need to type almost their entire title before they reach the top of the results, making the Quick Switcher less quick.

Proposed solution

Prioritize starred files in the Quick Switcher, so that if the typed string matches one of them at all it is placed above other search results.


This could be an additional option in the file & links setting.

There are “excluded files” at the moment which reduces the presence in the quick switcher, maybe a setting for bookmarked files could be added there.

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It looks like this feature request was implemented in one of the most recent versions of Obsidian: Now bookmarked files are always shown at the top in Quick Switcher.

I have to admit, I currently kinda hate it. Maybe I will get used to it and change the way I use bookmarks, but I really wished there was an option to turn bookmark prioritization off.

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This was implemented in v1.2.3

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