Prioritise previously used palette commands

Use case or problem

I frequently want to either open the same file or repeat a command using command palette, but have to use a full search each time. I want a more efficient way to redo a command.

Proposed solution

Make the command palette remember the order of items used, or provide recently used list as per quick sqitcher, such that frequent options are prioritised at the top in last used order. This is default in vscode and very handy for repeating palette commands.

Current workaround (optional)

None - full search / command search required.

Related feature requests (optional)

Search did not find any equivalent feature requests.

Additional Note

This feature request was changed to remove reference to quick-switcher also being in scope as recently used items, as this is already implemented.


+1: I would like to have this feature, too.

god yes

Emphatic ditto. I believe Visual Studio Code, where I spend more of my day than I’d care to admit, prioritizes command palette items by frecency.

0a2mjB1l.2022-05-19 06_36_43

That second invocation feels a little clunky, even with the command fairly close to the top. I also find frecency particularly handy when repeating a command two or three steps back. That, too, feels clunky with a static sort.

jIRr9uwv.2022-05-19 06_46_17

Pinning commands is a handy stopgap! But it’d be nice to know Obsidian can take care of it for me.