Printing Notes

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to print a note from Obsidian. Or, ideally, copy plain text from a note and paste it into MacOS Pages for formatting and printing. I searched the forum but to my surprise couldn’t find the help I was looking for. Am I overlooking the obvious?

Things I have tried

It looks like the community plugin Pandoc should do what I need, and I tried installing Pandoc and followed the instructions carefully, but I think they must be out of date for the latest MacOS. I tried finding the path for Pandoc, but terminal and Spotlight return nothing at all.

I searched for “print notes” and “exporting plain text” but found nothing relevant.

BTW, Print to PDF works, but the formatting is all wonky and doesn’t look like the note on my screen. I really need plain text to work with to format for printing.

Thanks for your help.

Obsidian doesn’t have a print option at the moment. The feature request is here:

You have a few options:

  • Copy from Reading view and paste. If that’s acceptable, great!
  • export a PDF and print that.
  • Use another program (Typora, MarkText, etc.) to open the note and print it from there.
  • Pandoc should be fine, but that needs to be installed itself as well as any Obsidian plugins that use it: Pandoc - Installing pandoc (you may have done this).

I could be missing a few.

Pandoc is used inside Terminal. You can use Homebrew to manage and install command line apps including Pandoc.

Eventually we would want to copy as html from the editor and then paste that into Word etc, see this FR

Sheesh … I hadn’t even thought about that. That gets me close enough! Still looking forward to having a more direct way to print from Obsidian. Thank you so much!

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