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I am new to Obsidian, and much that is referenced to its use, including Markdown, TeX, CSS, etc. is completely new as well. I understand Obsidian’s functional purpose, and so have been plodding along.

However, for my purposes, I eventually have to print/export to share with others much of what I do. But getting to do this in a simple bug-free manner is next to impossible, and I find this completely disheartening. I have tried to make use of pandoc with the one plugin to export files, but they do not export with what you create within Obsidian, such as callouts/admonishments.

So, my further question, is there a plan to make Obsidian more “user friendly” for the non-geeks in the not-too-distant future, for those not wanting to be so technically immersed in Markdowns, plugins, CSS, etc.?

Export to pdf is built-in. What else exactly do you need?

Hi -

Tx for your response.

When I attempt to do so, I get an error involving pandoc: “Command failed: -f markdown…” with a long string of info, but, towards the end, making reference to “… illegal operation (inappropriate ioctl for device)”

I have no idea what this means, but I did go ahead and download and install pandoc, with no further progress.

I appreciate your feedback and/or direction for a solution WhiteNoise.


I am not talking about third party plugins here. You need to contact the specific author for those.

What is wrong with the built-in export to pdf?

I would be more than happy to work with the built-in export. I really try to minimize plugins, as I am so new to this. Don’t want to add it to the mix…

The built-in never worked form for the above reason.

I only installed the pandoc thinking that this was the solution.

The above reasons are vague. What’s the issue with the built-in export to pdf? Can you provide some example?

Here is the error message that I receive as a screen capture:

Once again, that screenshot is from the third-party plugin.
I am asking what is wrong with the built in Export to Pdf.

Well, he sheepishly said… I obviously went down some sort of rabbit hole…

I tried so many things that I am a bit unsure… But I think I may have started to do a search under the general help website and could find no references to “print” or something of the sort… And so, there being none, I then went to go into the plugins area and got lost…

Anyways, that’s my longwinded answer for such a simple solution: I clearly lost sight of this functionality. :flushed:

Thank you for your input for such a simple answer. Appreciate your patience.

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