Print plugin

if you want to print a note, you have to export it to pdf first. it’s probably possible to convert md file to a text or pdf file in the background and opening the print preview for text-pdf file. i don’t have any hopes from obsidian team because: Search results for 'Print #feature-requests' - Obsidian Forum


This is the one thing I really miss in this app on a daily basis.

I just don’t understand why this essential functionality (it’s not a feature) is not implemented.
Has anyone some clue for me?

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I work in a legislative office. Literally every day I use obsidian to type up and store schedules, talking points, meeting notes, phone logs, etc. Many of these documents need to be printed, and every day I find myself reaching for a print button that isn’t there. My computer is littered with exported pdf files I’ve only ever opened to print. The reason I love Obsidian so much is that if there’s a function you want, someone in the community has already made a plugin for it. It literally baffles me that nobody has done this yet. I can’t imagine it would be terribly difficult to do, and from everything I’ve seen there’s certainly a demand for it. One of the core tenets of Obsidian’s community is future-proofing, and what’s more future-proof than a hard copy?

I suppose I’d like to echo the sentiment of the previous comment: why hasn’t a direct print function been implemented yet? Are there any specific barriers, and how could we as users make it easier for developers to overcome them?


Add me to the list of the baffled. Printing a document is, well, one of the most fundamental things one might want to do with it.