Print media (Export to PDF) has a white margin all around it

Hello! I’m trying to export PDFs with obsidian. I am using the Print Media function in css to change the background from white, to a different color.

So far, It has worked for the exception that there is a white border/space around the main text.

If it helps, I am using Minimal Theme with Style settings.

Here’s My CSS snippet.

@media print {
    .print .markdown-preview-view {-webkit-print-color-adjust:exact; background: #241F1F;}
    .print .markdown-preview-view {-webkit-print-color-adjust:exact; color: rgb(255, 255, 255) ;}
    .print .markdown-preview-view blockquote {border-radius: 0;border: 0px solid #CB8274;border-left-width: 5px;}
    .print .markdown-preview-view blockquote:before {font: 14px/20px italic Times, serif;content: "“";font-size: 3em;line-height: 0.1em;vertical-align: -0.4em;}

Things I have tried

  • restarting
  • disabling and re-enabling Minimal theme

I’m quite new to CSS in general, So please be easy on me. Help is much appreciated!

What I’m trying to do

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