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This is the best new in months!! Really excited to see Primary Theme coming back in its full glory! I tried to do my own Bauhaus-inspired thing but it does not come close to your skills

Me too! I noticed the name was different and worried it was some sort of joke or that she was hacked​:laughing::laughing:

lol I am not her, I merely saw the news.
btw you can follow progress here:

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Thank you! The link on her update didn’t work for me for some reason.

Hey guys! Cecil here, bringing Primary back from the dead.

:carousel_horse: Primary 2.0.0-beta is now available for all new and old supporters on Ko-fi!
CleanShot 2024-04-14 at 21.44.39

Future beta releases (and more) will only be available for monthly supporters. While there are still visual bugs and some parts aren’t themed yet – this beta release is fully working and usable for Obsidian 1.0+ users.

Thank you so so much to all of you guys who continued to show love, support, and interest for my theme despite its inactivity. And thank you to those who made efforts to share snippets, send PRs on the repo, for the community.

You can catch my daily updates on building Primary on my Twitter. I’m also on the Discord channel (siphonomei).

Let me know if you have any questions :pray:

also - thank you @sleepyguy for sharing this :pray:


Hi @sleepyguy @Cecilia_May @CluelessProductivity @Hvarf-heim - I am trying to install the primary theme, however it’s not showing up in the list of themes available for installation. How can Primary be install? Thanks in advance

It’s not in the theme gallery at the moment. The new version is being worked on now.


:carousel_horse::sparkles: Primary 2.4.0-beta ft. Callouts, Kanban Styling, Stacked Tabs and more!


Kanban by mgmeyers Plugin Styling

Stacked Tabs

This beta release is a jump up from the post above (2.0.0-beta) with tons of improvements and changes. You can get it by becoming a monthly supporter on Ko-fi!

The Ko-fi post includes installation instructions as well as the link to download the beta.

Public release is becoming more and more of a reality so hang on tight! So yes, it’s not on the theme store yet, but will be very soon.

Thank you to all my supporters that made this possible :pray:
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More updates on my Twitter.


:carousel_horse::sparkles: Primary is now available publicly in the Obsidian Theme Store!

The new Primary.

Rewritten from the ground up. Designed to feel familiar, but fresh. Still refined and minimalist, like you know it.

For old users, nice to see you again!
For new users, hello!

You can now download it via the Obsidian Theme Store.

:yellow_heart: If you’d like to support its development, consider donating at your own price or monthly at Ko-fi.

Primary now boasts a documentation site, that will always be the most updated place to know about Primary! It currently includes list of features, supported plugins, and guides.

:construction: Caution
As of July 04, 2024, the doc site is under construction. Though all the pages are properly written and proofread, the design is still being tested. It works best in Light Mode for now!

If you’d like to receive direct in your inbox updates to new guides and features (of the theme or the doc site) every time they’re released, subscribe to our substack: Subscribe to Primary Theme Updates

Here are a couple of things in progress for the docsite: Presets for Style Settings, more font recommendations, customization options like colorful folders, color schemes, and more!

:gem: New

  • styled and fix flair count (count of backlinks, etc.)
  • add access to font feature settings in style settings

:warning: Changes

  • increased contrast of Graph View node’s text color in Dark Mode
  • put Bold Modifier back down from 300 to 200
  • increased contrast for icon colors
  • adjusted some colors by a tiny bit.

:hammer_and_wrench: Fixed

  • fixed Heading background color not showing up when customizing with Style Settings
  • fix background color for header customization not appearing in editing modes
  • when graph view is at .mod-root, take color of the editor
  • fixed mobile padding
  • fixed dark mode text input color consistency

:sunflower: Notes

  • Codeblock syntax highlighting is not final. Final style will be implemented after the Primary VSCode port is published.
  • Primary documentation site is underconstruction but pages up right now are correct!
  • More customization and settings will be added as time goes by. If you’d like to be updated

Read the complete Release Notes here.

:question: How to Install Primary

  1. Open up Obsidian and go to Settings.

  2. Inside Settings, head over to the Appearance tab.

  3. Under Themes, you should find a button called, Manage. Click on it. This will open up the Community Themes page.

  4. On the search bar, type Primary, and click the one that says, By Cecilia May. It should open up the theme.

  5. Click Install and Use to install the theme! Enjoy.

I appreciate all the support and love I’ve gotten across these beta versions. Big big thank you to all those who subscribed to my Ko-fi to help support the development!

This public release wouldn’t be here without them:

Brandon Rivera, Naomi Y, apo1lo, ithaqua, Topograph, Keos, Lila, JadeScout, ConatusPrinciple, Naomi Y, Emily S, Ash, Zal, xdrop, south, Ross, Keara Lightning, ZeFish, sanrio, Andre, GeorgeDascalu, K, Ens, mm2856, ale, chichi, ciarra., pixel leaves, Linus Lim, Wilson Lam, cd, Gabriela Rojas, n4nfinity, Jeremy Gavin, Jack, SkepticMystic, Vorshk, Nuno Campos, emma, ВячеславГорюнов, Lilyshep, JoeAn Bishop, FREYA, Leo_ron, nhi, Kosuke Kindaichi, Jamie Daghaim, desperate-effort, Ko-fi Supporter, DesertDwarf, Adam Hill, keltan

And to those who wanted to support but couldn’t due to technical issues, thank you so much as well!!! To those who waited for the public release, thank you!!

Enjoy the new Primary! :sparkles:


I’m so glad that Primary is back! I had cobbled together a similar color scheme in another theme to tide me over, but nothing compares to the real thing. Thank you so much for updating it!

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Hi, I’m glad the theme is back in the theme store.
I was wondering if there is a way to have the callouts in .css? I have tried to remove the shadow from them because it slows down my laptop but I have not been able to :sweat:.