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Hey there @skrama87 !

The syntax you have attached results into a an alternate checkbox. - [>] Moved/Forwarded.

The correct syntax for callouts are something like:

> [!celebrate]
> Let's party!


> [!tip]
> This is a tip!


You can visit this link for the official how-to for callouts! Whatever is in there should work with Primary :smile:

Hopefully this answers your question? Let me know if these worked!

oops! sorry for this. I just fixed it in v.1.4.3!! This should be ok now :smile:

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Hi Cecilia, I think I found another issue.

Task boxes are not rendered when indented.

Indented tasks

Hope you can resolve this.

@Cecilia_May , thanks for the explanation and pointing me to official documentation. I thought the Scheduled, Rescheduled are also Callouts, which they are not.


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Hello there @Koen !

This is an Obisidian-related issue rather than a theme one. On the default Obsidian it works just the same:

If I add a bullet for the first item on the second list it renders the task:

I cannot add or fix functionality that is built in Obsidian. I can only change the look! I also think this has been the way markdown works? If not you can post a feature request or if this has always worked for you, you can post a bug request - here on the forum.

I hope this helps!!:pray:

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Hi, I love your work, is my favorite theme! I was wondering if you think it could be posible to customize the background of the graph view without change the main background :smile:

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Ooooh! Interesting suggestion! I will add it to the list for the next customization update. The Graph View has some limitations so I will have to test if it is viable. I’ll let you know once I experiment :3

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Hey folks! v.1.4.4 is out! Contains a ton of new customizations options, styling, improvements and fixes.

New :gift:

:gem: Added style options for Side Dock Ribbon (utmost left and utmost right narrow sidebar in Obsidian). Styles includes: Mini Floating Side Dock, Show on Hover Side Dock (inspired by tingmelvin 's Side Dock), and Hide Side Dock


:gem: Added style toggle for Hide Note Header Bar, Show on Hover. See gif for implementation. (chrisgrieser - I’m getting real inspired by you recently :wink: )


:gem: Added style options for Status Bar including Only show Sync Icon, and Hide Status Bar


:gem: Added tons of Customizations (1) including Header Background, Header Border, Header Border Radius, and Text Alignment — get them through Style Settings plugin


:gem: Added tons of Customizations (2) including change text colors for bold, italic, resolved and unresolved links; change blockquotes colors (text, border, background), change sizes of popovers and more!


Fixes :hammer_and_pick:

  • Improved contrast for dividers when editing the syntax
  • Fixed inline code not styling properly inside Callouts
  • Fixed #101 - will update again once Licat changes to the right variables (as said in the linked Discord convo by miharekar)
  • Fixed #91 - Typewriter Scroll plugin now works with Primary!
  • Increase modal size #85

Changes :paintbrush:

  • I moved some style settings around, added dropdowns where needed, and added descriptions
  • Changed horizontal rule syntax font to code font
  • Changed checkbox box color #95
  • Changed footnote citations color to green
  • Changed external link icon
  • Improved Primary Documentation
  • Made multicolor highlight native rather than a must-toggle feature. You can disable this through Style Settings!
  • I also reworked the links so that they will have less specificity over all. I hope that its not colliding with plugins like Supercharged Links anymore :eyes:

:gem: Improved Primary’s box in Theme Store

Contributions :people_hugging: (Thank you so so much!!)

  • Full Calendar Plugin changes by Signynt
  • Fix for Callout overflow xotea

If you like this update, consider supporting the development of Primary here. :yellow_heart:

If you wanna know what’s next for Primary, check out its development roadmap here. :dart:


Noticed that with the latest update it’s not showing the checkmark for the checkmark items. Not sure if it’s issue with the primary update or the latest Obsidian version 0.14.4 . But checkmarks are working fine with other themes, which suggests that issue is likely with the theme.


hello there! I was using a variable that Obsidian provided but they changed the name in v.0.14.4 - so it broke. I’ve since updated it in v.1.4.5 of Primary! Please update your theme :smile::pray:


Hi Cecilia, Thank you for quickly fixing the issue and for developing a wonderful theme! Theme is a piece of art and a joy to use.

Thank you!

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Hi Cecilia,
I’ve been trying to use the Primary theme, but I’ve had a recurring issue that after 15 minutes or so of installing the theme, my vault just reverts back to the default theme. Each time I’ve tried to reinstall it, the same thing happens. It works fine for a bit, but then goes away.

When I go to the settings it doesn’t show the Primary theme in the list of installed ones (while others that I’ve installed do).
But when I scroll through the list of community themes, the Primary theme still shows up as “selected” (instead of “use”).
And when I check the themes folder, the Primary.css file exists there. I’ve tried deleting it from there and reinstalling the theme, but that didn’t resolve the issue either.
I’ve tried closing and reopening Obsidian but it was still having the same issue.

I haven’t had this happen with any of the other themes, so I’m not sure what’s causing it. Any help on how I could resolve this would be super appreciated, since I really liked the theme and would love to be able to use it!

This is what it looks like after the theme suddenly disappears, it’s no longer in the list of installed ones
This is what it looks like in the settings while the theme is still working

Update: Actually I think I’ve realized what the issue is. It’s a little bit random actually haha. Not at all related to Obsidian or the theme. It looks like my Mac was uploading the file to the cloud to save local storage, which is why Obsidian wasn’t able to access it even though it kind of looks like the file is still there.

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I hate it when software doesn’t know its place.

That was a weird one! Good thing you’ve found out what was causing it. Cheers!! And thank you so much for the support!! :sparkling_heart:

Yup, took a bit of a flash of eureka to realize it. And no problem, have been really enjoying using the theme! :smile:

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When I was messing around with the custom header colors I noticed that H5 does not have a color picker for the border color.


I just tried updating the theme and it says its on the most current version. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal but I thought you ought to know.

Thanks for creating such a versatile theme. It makes work easier when I enjoy what I’m looking at. :smiley:

~ April

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Oooh!! Good catch @ahayman !! I really didn’t see this one. I’ll add a fix for this on the next update. Thank you so so much for reporting this! :pray::sparkling_heart:


Absolutely gorgeous theme! Thank you for contributing something so awesome to the community.
I apologize if this is answered elsewhere, I did my best to search around but wasn’t finding anything mentioning this specifically… is it possible to use your alternative checkbox statuses in dataview queries?

I’m trying to sort out tasks based on the additional checkbox statuses that you’ve added through the theme.

TASK FROM #daily_note 
WHERE Rescheduled

Is something along these lines possible?

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Awesome theme. I have to admit that at first I found the brown tones a little off-putting, but I have come to appreciate them, and I love the fonts.

I did find one minor problem…when scanning for updates to plugins, no progress bar is displayed as it is with other themes.

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