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hello there @overtlycovert !! sorry for the late reply. the additional checkbox statuses are more of a cosmetic change rather than an a functional/software one - therefore it isn’t as easy as querying “WHERE Rescheduled” because the additional checkboxes aren’t part of the app itself. A theme can’t really offer “software functionality” so it isn’t possible on my end.

But, there might be a dataview specific way of being able to do this! Though, I do not use dataview in my setup so I am unsure. You can definitely try asking the dataview dev or other dataview folks on the forum or Obsidian Discord.

I hope this helps, and I hope you find a solution!!

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hello there @swehba , thjank you for the kind words!! glad you’ve come to appreciate the brown tones :wink:

i have not heard of a progress bar when scanning for updates to plugins… can you show me how this looks or maybe let me know what theme has this feature? i’ll check it out and see what i can do. sounds like a good idea actually!

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Minimal Theme has a progress bar when checking for plugin updates


This is an amazing theme! makes obsidian look totally diferent, Thank you so much for your effort. You really have a special sensitivity for colors. My only wish is for the Checklist plugin to work. That would be perfect. Thank you so much again!


Hey, I really love Primary and recently switched to it from ITS. One thing I would like to customize is the ability to have unordered lists render as bullet points and not as hyphens?

Is there any way to do this ?



Hello! My fellow Obsidian nerd friend and I absolutely adore your theme! There’s one hiccup I hope you can help us with.

I’m having trouble with blockquotes, specifically the style. I’d like to achieve the same look as my friend’s here:

(text content erased for privacy)

Yet mine have the standard style:

I’ve tried copying n pasting her exact md, disabling plugins, deactivating snippets. Not sure what else to do. Any help appreciated. Thank you for your beautiful work!

OK nevermind geez turns out I was in…Live…Editor…mode…I just had to click the little eyeglasses icon. Lol how many viewing modes does this thing have??

Sorry, newb just bein’ a newb, carry on.

Hahaha!! No worries… it happens! Glad you’re liking it!! :sparkling_heart:

Hey there @ArtemisFowl !! Thank you so much for the kind words, and really good question. I’ll add it to the roadmap so that you can change the bullet point styling to the standard ones/or just bullets! It should come out sometime next month (June)!


I’ll add it to the Roadmap!! Seems to be a frequent request. Thank you so much for your suggestion, and thank you so so much for the kind words!! :sparkling_heart:


Hey, thanks for replying :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!

I’m still new to Obsidian, and I wonder about the appearance differences between ‘reading’ and ‘live preview’ modes. Ideally the two should look identical. In this specific instance, is there any limitation that makes blockquotes appear differently in both modes?

Dear @Cecilia_May, thank you for this theme! As far as I can tell, it’s the richest Obsidian theme out there in terms of styling and customization. This must have been a huge amount of work, but now the entire community is benefitting from it!

One feature I miss is customization of the basic colors like background, plain text, UI. The theme provides many options for adjusting the styles of different document elements but not these. For the time being I’ll explore using custom CSS.


Having played with the CSS for a while, a better option seems to introduce a color-scheme option to the style. This would allow for reusing the fantastic overall design of the style but with different colors.


Recently, I have been having issues with the tables. I have the ADVANCED TABLE plugin and I have enabled the pad with spaces option turned on, but it still breaks like below in the editor mode.


But other themes work just fine.


Also, for my sister, it works just fine as well (Uses Primary as well - does not update themes often)

Should I change any option in settings, or am I missing something?

Note: I use the STYLE SETTINGS plugin

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Hi @Cecilia_May, Could you consider adding plugin support for Excalibrain to your wonderful theme? Thanks!!

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Hello, how can i change/custom header colors and headers size please <3


Thaaanks, where can i have this setting windows please :slight_smile:

Hello Primary users!!

Thank you so so much for all the love, support, bug reports, and suggestions you’ve been pouring onto the theme I apologize for the recent lack of updates as I’ve been working on a web comic with a tight deadline soon to be released. I’ll come back with great updates this August.

All your comments have been read and noted - I apologize for not having replied directly yet, but I will soon!!

Thank you so much for your patience. :pray:


Thank you very much for developing Primary. It’s because of this theme that I decided to get a commercial license and make Obsidian my main tool at work for personal knowledge management. Everything might figuratively be on fire from time to time in my office, but the color scheme, fonts, and other elements in Primary help to keep me calm and collected as I keep track of my tasks and write notes to record the chaos of meetings and correspondence with co-workers.

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