Previous tag format

With the new update v1.0.0, tags are now tag pills. I’d like to have them back as in their previous format (no pills, no background color).

Is there a way to do that?


Add this css snippet

	--tag-size: ;
	--tag-color: var(--color-base-100);
	--tag-color-hover: var(--color-base-100);
	--tag-decoration: none;
	--tag-decoration-hover: none;
	--tag-background: var(--color-base-00);
	--tag-background-hover: var(--color-base-00);
	--tag-border-color: var(--color-base-00);
	--tag-border-color-hover: var(--color-base-00);
	--tag-border-width: 0px;
	--tag-padding-x: 0em;
	--tag-padding-y: 0em;
	--tag-radius: 0em;

Is there meant to be something after --tag-size:?

It worked for me with it blank on the Default theme, but you could change the line to

--tag-size: var(--font-text-size);
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Thats great! just one more thing, how to make tag-size variable depending on whether it is part of a heading or not?

I use tags+plain text on headings a lot, and with that snippet the size of tags never changes

Nevermind, already solved

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