Previews in file explorer?

Things I have tried

Searched the forum and the internet

What I’m trying to do

I was looking for perhaps a plugin that would display files in Obsidian as they are displayed in, for instance, Bear and Upnote, where a first line or two of the document is displayed and an image also if there is one in the document. When I searched the forum for files I do not see anything for it. Being a visual person, and using dates as file names (now dates and words as title) e.g.: “2022_09_26t1803-SearchingForThePerfectFilesView”
I would love to have a view like this. Love Obsidian too much to go back to Bear and as pretty as Upnote is, not storing my files on my computer is not an option for me. Please help!

Is there a way to have Obsidian display files as described and pictured?

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(Changed title from “Files view” to “Previews in file explorer?”)

Try to explore this plugin: GitHub - xpgo/obsidian-folder-note-plugin: Plugin to add description note to a folder for Obsidian.
(I never tried, so I don’t know if it still works)

Thank you for changing the title.

Thank you. I will try.

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