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Hi there. I’ve been exploring and expanding how I use the app quite a bit, and now I’m trying to codify and simplify things. I’ve made a simple daily log with a simple YFM header with dates in a format I like and a uid generated from a unix timestamp. After some white space, I’ve added a query field at the bottom as a simple way to capture past mentions of a particular date using YYYY-MM-DD format and `-uid: {{date:X}}’ to filter the current note from my auto gennerated query.

What I’d love is a way to render the query in its own live preview as I’m editing the day’s notes. I’ve been toying with some community clutter-free edit mode scripts but these have rendered a bit buggy and regular md doesn’t distract me very much. Has anyone seen a community or core feature that might acheive this?

Here’s my distilled daily template currently:

title: Daily Log {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}
type: Daily
uid: {{date:X}}
date: {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}, {{date:dddd}}
alias: [{{date:YYYYMMDD}}]
Tags: #{{date:\D\a\i\l\y\/YYYY}}/{{date:MM}}

{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}, {{date:dddd}}

{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}} -uid: {{date:X}}

I can totally repost or move this to feature or plugin requests if appropriate as well. :slight_smile:

Queries do not work in edit mode. I wouldn’t open a new request for this since it will probably be tackled as part of WYSIWYG

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